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Charity begins at home

We are the blessed, special one in the society. There are many who need our help, not only financial but also social, emotional and sometimes just a caring hand. In our day to day life we do our own share of social work.

After returning from London in 2008, I have come across all types of patients, many have taught me some hard facts of our life. Many patients, especially those in whom cancer was diagnosed, have brought forth the “real” problems of our society we live in. There are many things we take for granted.

Many diseases I treat are hereditary diseases. There is always a “blame game” in the family after I discuss the diagnosis. Unfortunately the female member is at receiving end most of the time, most often due to misconceptions, lack of knowledge and dearth of education. Cancer is still a stigma in our society and I have seen many a times treatment being denied to such patients due to social stigma and fear of the people around. If the patient is a female, then many a times diagnosis and the treatment is kept a secret so as to “protect” her and the ultimate fate of such females, that is the institution of marriage. I have seen many young, female cancer patients, who otherwise would have been cured (as in childhood blood cancer) denied treatment due to the fear of society rather than the financial implications alone. Many times patients are misguided by the unnecessary fear of a seemingly simple treatment for a disease and then they suffer physically, mentally and financially. This is due to past experiences of own self or near and dear ones, who may have different disease or due to lack of medical facilities at that time.

Medical field is ever changing and progressing. It is our duty to percolate this “new information” to the people who matter and the society at large.

We doctors do try and inculcate knowledge, teach our patients and remove various misconceptions in our daily practice. I thought that is not enough! We need to reach out to the society and create a positive atmosphere regarding many hereditary diseases, cancer and dietary practices we follow.

Many of my elderly patients with cancer cannot be cured completely. They need homely care in their last days. In today’s world due to lack of time, financial constraints, misconceptions about the cancer spread in family and lack of special centre’s for terminally ill patients many such patients die a miserable death. We need to educate the society about the true facts of cancer care and provide terminal care centre and hospice to make the suffering less and maintain the dignity of the patient till he breathes his last.

All these above mentioned problems made us start “Junagade Health Foundation” as we always need a platform to carry on social activities. Main objectives of our trust are:

  • Create awareness about hereditary diseases like thalassaemia, sickle cell disease, hemophilia
  • To offer free treatment for thalassaemia and sickle cell disease patients.
  • To eradicate thalassaemia and sickle cell disease by population screening programmes.
  • To conduct cancer awareness programmes and educate the society about cancer treatment.
  • To provide monetary help to needy cancer patients.
  • To provide 24 hours helpline for cancer patients to address their physical and emotional problems.
  • To provide monetary help for needy patients who need stem cell therapy for various haematological diseases.
  • To start terminal cancer care centres.
  • To conduct cancer detection camps in rural places.
  • To conduct anaemia detection camp in rural places.
  • To promote stem cell research for eradication of hereditary diseases.
  • To arrange public lectures for education of cancer and other diseases.
  • To lobby for government support and implement their various health programmes.

We are confident that we will create a healthy atmosphere for all health related problems in our society through our trust. We will of course need your guidance, support and positive criticism to achieve our goal. Together we will succeed.


Dr Pritesh Subhash Junagade
Chairman - Junagade Health Foundation


Dr Subhash K Junagade
President - Junagade Health foundation.

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