LOTUS - Institute Of Haematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation 

Haematology and Haemato Oncology

Department of Haematology and Haemato-Oncology is headed by our dynamic founder director Dr Pritesh Junagade.

We deal with all kinds of blood diseases like:

  1. Weakness/ loss of energy (Anaemia).
  2. Bleeding/ purpura (Thrombocytopenia).
  3. Repeated infections/ boils (Neutropenia).
  4. Pancytopenia (combination of above) in aplastic anaemia, Leukemia.
  5. Swollen leg (Deep venous thrombosis, DVT).
  6. Weight loss/ loss of appetite (Blood cancer, Leukemia).
  7. Bone pain/ bone fracture (Multiple Myeloma).
  8. Lymphadenopathy (Lymphoma/ Hodgkin's Lymphoma).
  9. Splenomegaly (CML, Lymphoma, Myelofibrosis, infections, fever).
  10. Joint bleeding/ rare site of bleeding (Haemophilia).
  11. Excessive menstrual bleeding (No obvious Gynaec. cause).
  12. Increased Haemoglobin (Polycythaemia).
  13. Excessive platelet count (Thrombocytosis).
  14. Excessive WBC count (Chronic Leukemia like CLL).
  15. Warfarin monitoring with INR and advice on thrombophilia screening.
  16. Pyrexia of unknown origin (fever for 1-2 weeks and not responding ).
  17. Thalassaemia/ sickle cell anaemia.
  18. Blood transfusion problems.
  19. Bone marrow transplant and stem cell problems.
  20. Pregnancy related haematology problem/ DIC.

We have well equipped haematology laboratory with state of the art instruments to accurately diagnose haematology diseases

so that the treatment offered is best.

The laboratory instruments we have are:

Name of Instrument Make Technical Specification Functioning
Blood cell counter Mindray BS-5300 5 part differential cell counter Check CBC report
Biochemistry Autoanalyzer Mindray BS-120 Fully automated Biochemistry tests
Coagulometer Instrumentation Laboratories, USA. ACL-7000 Clotting and Chromogenic assay All types of coagulation analyzer
Biorad Variant II Biorad, USA High Performance liquid chromatography

Haemoglobin Variant analyzer

GENIOElectrophoresis system Interlab, Italy Fully automated electrophoresis system

Protein and urine electrophoresis

Blood cell counter Beckman Coulter, USA 3 part differential cell counter Check CBC report
ACCESS-2 Beckman Coulter, USA Chemiluminescence system Hormone, tumour markers and Vitamin assays
Trace-30 Analyzer, Australia Semi-automated Chemistry analyzer All routine chemistry tests
Platelet Aggregometer Chronolog, USA Automated platelet function analyzer To detect platelet function defects
Histoprocessor India Automated Histopath Biopsy analyzer Biopsy studies
Microscope Olympus, Japan CX-30 and CH-20 Microscopy
DIAMED centrifuge DIAMED, USA Centrifuge For PNH analysis

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