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> Updates > friends..this world is full of good people around us, we just miss them!Today a 72 year old patient who is from a sheep grazing family with his dependents working as household helpers with a chronic leukemia (slow growing blood cancer) came to our Lotus hospital OPD after a gap of 15 months (he is suppose to follow up every 3 months) due to poor finances. he cannot be admitted as his close people stay 200 kms away. His white blood cell count has gone up to 2.2 lakhs (it normally should be below 11, 000!!). He needed special chemotherapy tablets which he could not afford.Incidently I had treated a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia from Pune and she had donated 1 bottle of chemotherapy tablets to our Junagade health foundation trust and I gave it to this patient today. I could see the joy on his face. I am sure he will benefit form the treatment. In this instance I was just a mediator, a facilitator but real good people are the ones who donate to such a needy cause.It is what we give which is remembered rather than what we get or earn.Thank you Randive family from Pune for helping us do good work.