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International Patients

case 1:


On 3rd Oct.2012 Miss Bnar Gazi a 8 year old girl suffering from a serious blood disease Thalassemia  Major came with her parents to Lotus Hospital, Nashik ,Maharashtra (India). As her father knew about this disease and he was searching for a permanent cure for her disease. In Thalassemia Major, patients need blood every month. Bone marrow transplantation is only the curative treatment recommended worldwide. In India Dr.Pritesh Junagade's Lotus Hospital is only private hospital where this treatment is available at affordable cost. Dr.Priteshn Junagade is UK trained and certified Haemato-Oncologist & Bone Marrow Transplant Physician. 

Mr.Hemn is a worker and lives in Erbil,Iraq. He was not able to pay charges for this costly treatment procedure in western countries, so many experts advised him to go India. After primary blood investigations Dr. Junagade discussed about procedure its complications, difficulties with Mr.Hemn with the help of interpreter. Blood samples of his son was sent for HLA typing, a test done for searching whether a donor can donate marrow to this patient. 

On 10th Oct. reports were seen by Dr.Junagade. Luckily Miss Bnar's brother Yunus was match! On 15th Oct 2012 actual Bone Marrow transplant (Stemcell) procedure was carried out by Dr.Junagade & his expert  team.  On 5th Nov these transplanted stemcells (Bone Marrow) start working. In next 3-4 days her blood count became normal which is documented proof for successful Bone Marrow Transplantation. Since 10thOct.2012 she has not received even single blood bag. Dr.Junagade congratulated her father for his courage & declared his daughter  is  Thalassemia free now. It was really an amazing moment for him.


Case 2:


On 10thJuly 2013, Mr. Mohammad a 14 years boy came with his family from Iraq to Dr.Junagade's Lotus Hospital Nashik, Maharashtra(India) as he had Thalassemia Major a serious blood disease. This is a first private hospital in India where treatment for all types blood cancer(Chemotherapy)in all age groups & bone marrow transplantation a complex procedure is available at affordable cost.

 After thorough examination & various blood investigations of Mr.Mohammed  he explained the risk, difficulties occur in bone marrow transplant to the parents. In this case Mohammed's younger sister Firishta matched & became donor. On Mr Mohammed examined by cardiologist, chest physician, neurologist .After getting fitness report Dr.Junagade advised him for hospitalization. On 12th July2013 he was hospitalized. On 18th July actual procedure of transplantation was carried out by Dr. Junagade & his team. 

For next 21 days patient was closely observed by Dr. Junagade & his assistants in a special bone marrow transplant room. On 9th August 2013 transplanted bone marrow started working. In next 4 days his blood cell count came to normal. On 15thAug.2013 he shifted to private room. He was discharged in next 8 days. His parents and his maternal uncle became happy when they heard that there loving son Mr.Mohammed was completely cured & Thalassemia Free by Dr. Pritesh Junagade. Mr.Nozad Ismail  father of Mohammed gave many thanks & called Dr.Junagade an angel!

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