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What is Beta Thalassaemia ?Thalassaemia is an inherited condition affecting haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the chemical inside the red blood cells which carries oxygen. Beta thalassaemia occurs when a person has inherited a gene where they are unable

World cancer day update Blood cancer: all you need to know.Watch Zee 24 Tas interview on BLOOD DISEASE & BLOOD CANCER - MYTHS & FACTS

Sickle cell anemia is one of a group of disorders known as sickle cell disease. Sickle cell anemia is an inherited red blood cell disorder in which there aren't enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. Normally, the flexib

Dear Friends and colleagues, Summer heat is scorching in Nashik amidst new challenges for doctors and hospitals. We have to fight with everyone for our survival including our PM! We will continue our services with honesty to all the people in th

⁠At 15-years-old, Mohammed has more stamps in his passport than his age. But, his trips from his home in IRAQ, KHURDISTHAN, weren’t vacations – they were journeys to search for a cure for his disease.The IRAQ couple took MOHAMMAD to a hospital for

Inspiring people are all around us...world is full of energetic individuals whom we miss. One such person I met recently at a rotary club function is Nayak ( Retd) Deepchandji. He is a Kargil war veteran and lost his legs and right arm during the pa

Remaining hopeful during cancer treatment is as much an art as it is a skill. And, our cancer patients and their families demonstrate this on a regular basis.

Anemia is a condition in which you lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body's tissues. Having anemia can make you feel tired and weak.There are many forms of anemia, each with its own cause. Anemia can be temporary o

Pleased to inform you about our 51 Successful Autologous Peripheral Blood Stemcell Transplant (BMT As commonly known) done at Lotus Hospital Nashik. As a BMT Physician Dr. Pritesh S. Junagade lead to transplant team with IPD / OPD / Lab department